June 2013 Issue

Firstly, I’d like to thank all those who entered the 2013 First Page Competition which closed on Friday. The results will be announced in our August 2013 issue. Secondly, thank you to all the 2012 BIGGER Short Story Competition winners who made it to the anthology launch at Foyles Bookshop, London on Saturday. The event was a huge success, and you can read all about it and see pictures here.

A slight change in format this issue, letting you easily navigate, share, bookmark, comment on and experience your favourite features. Simply click the titles below to be directed the article on our website.

This issue's theme: the future of storytelling ...


JD Smith, Editor


The Words with JAM Anthology Launch Party – Foyles, London
Coverage by JD Smith

Matt Haig in conversation with Gillian Hamer


Indie-friendly Book Reviewers

How Do You Do How-to?
Lorraine Mace shows you how to write a how-to article

Question Corner
Formatting and grammar questions answered by Lorraine Mace

Spiders and trolls: writing the internet part 2
Dan Holloway continues his look at incorporating the internet into fiction by exploring the possibilities for creating tension through using online communication and how to create the literary equivalent of spit screen TV.

Cornerstones Mini Masterclass with Ayisha Malik
Each issue, Cornerstones Literary Consultancy explore and critique a reader's opening page. If you would like to participate in their Opening Page Mini Masterclass, send your opening page (400 approx words) as a Word Document attachment to submissions@wordswithjam.co.uk with the subject ‘Cornerstones Masterclass’.

Writing A Novella – Could writing a novella be your path to publication?
By Jenny Thomson

Face to Face: Pitching to an Agent at the London Book Fair
By Catriona Troth

Ask the Agent
Andrew Lownie answers a reader’s question

Articles and Interviews

Viva Storytelling by Anne Stormont
The future of storytelling has got to be bright. It gives life to metaphor and metaphor to life...

Andrew Lownie talks about his agency’s initiative – Thistle Publishing
Interview by JJ Marsh

Interview with Florence Thomas, translator

What Can Agents Offer Self Publishing Authors?
By Joanne Phillips
60-seconds with Polly Courtney
Interview by JJ Marsh

Only a fool
Procrastinating with Perry Iles

I love me, what’s your hobby?
Writing your biographical note by Derek Duggan

"SCRIPTS: The Eternal Whopper" by Ola Zaltin

The Overnight Fame of Steffi McBride by Andrew Crofts
Film Pilot Released … New possibilities for authors.

Liars' League by Catriona Troth
Hello and welcome to Liars’ League – where writers write, actors read, the audience listens, and everyone of a nervous disposition should leave the room now, because tonight’s theme is TWIST AND TURN.

The Art of the Audio Book
Saul Reichlin in Conversation with Catriona Troth

Short Stories and Poetry

A Plea to Seamus Heaney by Melanie Branton, winner of Flash 500

There Are More Tears Shed … by Lynne Voyce, winner of Flash 500


Deverell Gatehouse by Karen MacLeod
Reviewed by Barbara Scott Emmett

The Poison Boy by Fletcher Moss
Reviewed by Anne Stormont

The Night Rainbow by Claire King
Reviewed by Anne Stormont

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
Reviewed by Liza Perrat

Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi
Reviewed by JJ Marsh


The Rumour Mill – sorting the bags of truth from the bags of shite
Heard a rumour but you’re not sure if it’s a bag of truth or just a big bag of shite? Send it to us and we’ll get our top investigative journalist Kris Dangle to look into it for you.

Horoscopes by Shameless Charlatan Druid Keith

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