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First Page Competition 2018

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Triskele Books and Words with JAM
The Big Five Competition 2018

Win a year’s mentoring from Triskele Books - from manuscript to publication - worth over £5000!

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Words with JAM 
Short Story Competition

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  1. Will the short story winners be announced soon?

  2. Is it permissible to enter the Big Five competition, if the MSS in question has also been submitted to another contest which has not yet declared a result? The entry would need to be withdrawn from any other competitions, I assume, if it were to win one, but I was wondering what the accepted practice is regarding contests that overlap.

    1. You are more than welcome to enter the competition, the only stipulation we have is that at the time of the results, the winning entry must not be previously published, or have been accepted for a publishing deal. If you have any other queries or require a more detailed response please feel free to email me:

  3. The First Page competition closed on July 7th, but it's still open for submissions. Why?

  4. Hi, The acknowledgement email said results of the First Page Comp 2017 would be at the end of August, but the website says July - can you advise as to which is accurate? I'd hate to wear out the refresh button a month early.

    Thanks in advance.