August 2014 Issue

This issue we're talking a lot about freedom. From interviews with Guardian journalist Nick Davies on the freedom of the press and an insight into the International City of Refuge Network, to independent bookshop owner Peter Snell's take on the industry, lots of chat with Welsh writers, a visit to Gaza, and the secret to writing a series.

Oh, and David Gaughran talks Amazon vs Hachette.

This issue we've got it all.

JD Smith, Editor


The Industry View - Amazon vs Hachette.
JJ Marsh in conversation with David Gaughran
OK, here’s the story so far: Amazon and Hachette (one of the Big Five trade publishers) disagree terms. Amazon takes action against Hachette-published books by allegedly lowering discounts and removing pre-order options. Negotiations drag out and authors feel the pinch.

Freedom of the Press
“With these rights, however, come responsibilities to the public interest” Extract from The Leveson Inquiry Report

JJ Marsh talks to Guardian journalist Nick Davies, who broke the story of murdered teenager Milly Dowler’s phone hacking in 2011, about his feelings on the outcome and its ramifications.

The Industry View - The Independent Bookseller
JJ Marsh chats to Peter Snell, manager of Barton's Bookshop in Leatherhead, Surrey.
Barton's is a proper independent with great books, cards, maps, knowledgeable staff, Henry the giant teddy, free coffee and a comfy sofa by the fire.

Cities of Refuge
Catriona Troth on International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN), who offer a place of refuge to writers who, as a direct consequence of their writing are either: At risk of being killed, abducted, physically attacked or “disappearing”; Sentenced to (or at risk of being sentenced to) a prison term; Unable to express themselves freely for fear of persecution.

Wielding the Double-Edged Sword: The Novelist as Activist by Sarah Bower
On research, writing, freedom and a visit to Palestine ...

The Secret to Writing a Series – Part 14
Or the real trick behind avoiding writer’s block by Derek Duggan

Welsh Voices by Gillian Hamer (Part 1)
Gillian speaks to a collection of talented writers, some who are Welsh born, others now live in Wales and some are simply moved to write about Wales or set their books there.


Scripts: Go to Jail to Break Free by Ola Zaltin
I can write whatever I like, about whomever I like, living wherever I like. The computer screen is pristine white, the cursor winks at me invitingly and I can type faster than a choirboy runs from a bishop. So where to begin?

Cornerstones Mini Masterclass with Kathryn Price
Each issue, Cornerstones Literary Consultancy explore and critique a reader's opening page. If you would like to participate in their Opening Page Mini Masterclass, send your opening page (400 approx words) as a Word Document attachment with the subject ‘Cornerstones Masterclass’.

Question Corner, with Lorraine Mace
Capitals in titles, professional societies and word counts. with your questions.

Articles and Interviews

60 Seconds with Jonathan Gibbs, regular columnist for The Independent and the Times Literary Supplement, and author of Randall.

Freedom by Anne Stormont
Freedom is often hard won. Wars are fought to preserve or regain it. People lay down their lives for it. It's a very topical subject at the moment whether or not you're a writer.

The Rainbow’s End by Perry Iles
No two people ever see the same rainbow. For a rainbow to exist it needs three things—low sun, falling water and a surface to project itself against. That surface is your retina, retinas, retinae or whatever you call more than one of the wretched things. This is a good thing, because if we all saw the same rainbow, mathematicians would use trigonometry to triangulate on rainbows’ ends and the whole countryside would be full of little holes in the ground where they’d dug up the pots of gold ... [read more]

60 Seconds with Marc Acito, won the Helen Hayes Award for Best New Play with his comedy Birds of a Feather. He is the head writer of the musical Allegiance, which won the Craig Noel Award for Outstanding New Musical and broke the all-time box-office record at the Old Globe. He is also the book writer of A Room with a View, which played at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle.

Short Stories and Poetry

In Fear of the Void, a short story by Tom Kilcourse
A story which first appeared as a biographical piece written on Tom's Facebook timeline ...

​The Beach Where He Found It
A short story by Anne Goodwin


The Occupation Diaries by Raja Shehadeh & The Wall by William Sutcliffe
Reviewed by Anne Stormont

Sightlines: A Conversation With the Natural World, by Kathleen Jamie
Reviewed by Rebecca Johnson

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