Wednesday, 28 March 2018

60 Seconds with CS Wilde

By JJ Marsh

C.S. Wilde wrote her first fantasy novel when she was eight. That book was absolutely terrible, but her mother told her it was awesome, so she kept writing.
Now a grown-up (though many will beg to differ), C. S. Wilde writes about fantastic worlds, love stories larger than life and epic battles.
She also, quite obviously, sucks at writing an author bio. She finds it awkward that she must write this in the third person, and hopes you won't notice.

Which work most influenced you when growing up?

I’d say one book and one author come to mind. The book would be “The Golden Beetle”, a Brazilian mystery for teens that I read when I was twelve. It was my absolute favourite book. Then there was the entire work of Machado de Assis, one of the most brilliant Brazilian authors who has ever lived. To this day, no one knows if Capitú really cheated on Bentinho, and I remember having these heated discussions with my friends at school, because we simply couldn’t reach a consensus. To incite that kind of reaction on your readers even 100 years after your death? It’s something pretty awesome, and also, what I really strive to do as an author.

Where do you write?

In my office at home.

Who or what had the biggest impact on your creative life?

My mom, because she was a journalist and she encouraged me to write.

How far are you influenced by other media, such as music or fine art?

I’m extremely influenced by movies and series. It’s why my writing has a very descriptive, and yet, fast-pace to it. It’s all about painting pictures, creating impact, and moving on.

Do you have a phrase that you most overuse?

In writing? I’d say it depends. I use way too many shrugs, rolls of eyes, and shakes of heads. A lot of likes and justs. In From the Stars, I used a lot of “I have a bad feeling about this”, but that was a homage to Star Wars.

In real life, I say, “Say whaaaaa?” pretty much all the time. It’s become my trademark. Also, “I can’t even”, because I just love it.

Which writers do you enjoy?

Patrick Rothfuss, Oscar Wilde, R. Lee Smith, Sara J. Maas, Junot Díaz, and so many more I can’t count.

Why do you write in your particular genre(s)?

I love action and romance. Paranormal/Sci-fi Romance are perfect genres for that kind of story. Though I do plan on writing an epic Fantasy at some point.

What makes you laugh?


Do you have a guilty reading pleasure?

Hmm, not that I know of.

Which book did you expect to like/hate and found it quite the opposite?

I really wasn’t planning on enjoying Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence, but it was pretty awesome.

Which book has impressed you most this year?

The Land of the Beautiful Dead by R. Lee Smith

Would you share what you’re working on next?

It’s a paranormal romance featuring angels and demons. I’m working on book 2 right now. It’s been such a fun ride. These will be my longest books to date, because they have pretty heavy themes, and I put my characters through a LOT so they can find the truth about themselves—and they won’t always like what they find. Also, I have way too much material to work with.

Can I interest you in some canapés, and a small excerpt?

It’s nice when it’s in the quiet of their homes or in the hospital," the Angel of Death said. "Right now, I’m present in hearings for thousands of souls. Some happen in dark alleys, some underwater, some with too much blood, and some in a gripping cold, like yours, Sella.” The creature shrugged nonchalantly. “It’s nice when they pass in the warmth of a bed.”

“It was quite cold that day,” Sella muttered, her stomach churning.

She hated remembering her death. She wasn’t certain about what had killed her; either the freezing cold or the strike to the head. Maybe, both.

What’s the best way of spending a Sunday morning?

Eating pancakes and watching The Grand Tour. Sweet.

A Courtroom of Ashes:


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