Wednesday, 7 September 2016

TLF - The Triskele Lit Fest!

Saturday 17 September sees the very first Triskele Lit Fest!
This is a litfest with a difference. We set out with five aims:
  • trade and indie authors together on the same platform
  • literary fiction on an equal footing with other genres
  • BAME authors talking about their books, not about diversity
  • speakers paid an appearance fee
  • admission free and accessible to all booklovers 

After a tremendous amount of hard work by Catriona Troth, TLF Administrator, plus the generosity of our sponsors, it's actually happening.

From 1pm-6pm, we have panels of authors to talk about their genre. Sci-fi and Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Crime and Thrillers, and Preserving the Unicorn.

In parallel, we have our trademark pop-up bookshop, where forty different writers will be available to interact with readers, sign books, talk about their work and make new friends.

And we've ticked every box.
  • A near 50:50 mix of trade and indie authors, not talking about routes to publication.
  • BAME authors like Radhika Swarup, Leye Adenle, Sareeta Domingo, Yen Ooi and Sunny Singh, talking about their books, not diversity.
  • Our literary panel – Preserving the Unicorn – brings together literary authors and their editors to discuss working on a manuscript that defies the 'rules' of storytelling.
  • And yes, we are paying our speakers and admission for readers is free.

Triskele Books is all about building bridges.
Words with JAM is a source of ideas and information for writers.
Bookmuse provides reviews and recommendations for readers.
The first Triskele LitFest offers something for everyone.

We know it’s far more important to build bridges than to erect barriers.
Seems people agree - here's an extract from our Tuesday #twitchat #bridgesnotbarriers


  1. Here's the day's schedule at the festival:


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