Friday, 4 March 2016

All New WWJ and The Big Five Competition!

WWJ moves with the times

This litmag doesn’t slob around in stained sweatpants, swigging lager and swearing. Some of its correspondents, however...

We’ve had a revamp and we think you’ll like it.

Rather than a big bunch of articles all in one go, we’re going to post all our regular literary content for writers – interviews, tips, reviews, snapshots, competitions, new fiction, industry expertise and some sly satire – once a week. And offer you a monthly round-up in case there’s something you missed.

Watch out for next week’s: Snapshots from... Jerusalem 

Photo by Gali-Dana Singer
What’s more, we’ll be hosting a range of new guest contributors, more tips on writing and self-publishing, how-to and lots of other delicious goodies.

Readers, we've tidied up the living-room and cordially invite you over to Triskele Books for bookclub, author features, guest bloggers, the house special and wine.

Now for some NEWS!

Writers, you’re going to love this. Words with JAM has teamed up with Triskele Books to offer you a very special competition. Wherever you are in the world, you can enter The Big Five Competition! #thebigfive
Win a year’s mentoring from Triskele Books - from manuscript to publication - worth over £5000! 

Triskele Books is FIVE years old!
Amongst many exciting new ventures this year, we’re offering you the chance to win this extraordinary prize.

Triskele is based on a commitment to great writing, professional presentation and a strong sense of place.
As well as ethical operation and support for other writers.

So we’re using those FIVE principles to launch our first competition in conjunction with Words with JAM. The Big Five #thebigfive

Click here for full details.


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