Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Writerly Gift Ideas for Christmas 2015 by JD Smith

It's that time of year again where if you haven't already done your Christmas shopping (all of your Christmas shopping, food and gifts, everything wrapped and prepared, tree up and cards posted) you're still hanging onto the phrase "it's too early" and "it's not even December ... umm ...yet." Oh, but it is. And if you're on the same budget I am for your friends and family, a two week stay at a luxury writers' retreat in Venice isn't on the to buy list. So here are a few ideas for gifts to suit the small budget this Christmas.

1) One of my favourites, Banned Books Socks from The Literary Gift Company

A pair of mis-matched socks. One sock features titles of books that have been banned in various countries around the world, the other features a redacted version of the same titles. £7.99/pair.

2) A massage.

Yes, you read that correctly. Hunched over your keyboard for hours on end isn't the best for your shoulders, neck, back ... Available from your local spa for around £20-£30, they can always exchange it for a manicure if they're a bit weird about massages.

3) Depressed Pencil Set from The Literary Gift Company

These HB pencils need a lot of hugs, can you make their world a more fulfilling place? Each one is calling out to you: "I'm easily broken," "In time I'll be pointless," "You're going to write me off" and more. £5/box 6.

4) An e-reader book cover

These gorgeous handmade book covers come in a variety of sizes to fit a range of e-reading devices, they are the perfect coming together of old books and new. Available from Klevercase via Not On The High Street. £24.95.

5) An Audible Membership.

I've loved mine. I can listen in the car, when I'm lying on a beach and the sun's too blinding to read. It's great. And from as little as £23.99, affordable too.

6) Pride and Prejudice Cupcake Topper

For the writer/reader/cake baker in your life. A great stocking filler. Available from Literary Emporium. £3.50/pack 6.

7) 50 Shades of Grey Poster

I'll have to be forgiven this one. The designer side of me loved the Pantone book-style poster. Another great stocking filler for fans of 50 Shades available from Bookish England. £6.

8) Ampersand Necklace

The bookish ampersand necklace is gold plated and is attached to an 18" (42cm) high quality 14K gold filled chain, and the ampersand itself measures 20mm. Great for the female writer in your life. £28.

9) And my winner this year for the best writerly gift this Christmas: My Personal Library Kit by Deservedly-So, via Not On The High Street.

Complete with date stamp, record cards, sleeves for the front of the books and a little pencil, this set will allow you to keep tabs an all your books. No more wondering who you've lent which title too and no more errant books! £17.

Don't forget, if you're a writer reading this, leave this page open on every electronic device in your house, share it on Facebook, tweet is on Twitter and generally share it as much as possible to ensure your friends and family take the hint!


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