Friday, 20 November 2015

60 Seconds with K.A. Hambly

Kelly Hambly is a Welsh author of a new Young Adult series, The Town Halloween Forgot. They are published by Independent Welsh publisher, Accent Press. Having discovered her love for writing six years ago Kelly has now published eight novels and several short-stories. She is currently writing the third in the Halloween series.

Hello, Kelly, tell us a little about you and your writing.
I started writing stories about six years ago, never really intending to publish anything as it was just for me. But, in 2013 I began writing The Town Halloween Forgot when I came across Accent Press. I wondered if I had it in me to be traditional published so I sent it off and it got accepted.
What’s the best thing about being a writer? 
The best thing is creating worlds where anything can happen. Being a writer you are in charge of everything and the only limit is your imagination. 
And the worst? 
That would have to be how the work will be perceived and accepted once it’s ‘out there’ for the public to see. It’s always nerve wracking.  
Why did you choose your genre? 
I am a huge fan of the Hammer Horrors and creepy stories, so writing paranormal/supernatural is something that just evolved naturally. I am comfortable with it.  
You’re published by Accent Press. What do you think your Welsh connection brings to your writing? 
Yes, my Halloween series is published with Accent who is an independent publisher based in Cardiff. My series is actually based in Carmarthenshire and I am influenced by a lot of our mythology.  
Do you have a special writing place?  
I wish I did. I would really love a writing shed like Roald Dahl had, but for now most of my writing takes place on my PC in my living room. I have mastered writing surrounded by noise!  
Which writers to you most admire and why?
When I was a kid I had a lot of Roald Dahl books, so his weird and wacky worlds are something that has influenced me. Neil Gaiman is another writer I really admire, simply because he has such an amazing imagination. 
If you could choose a different genre to write in for just one book – what would it be?  
Just to be really different, I’d say a romantic comedy but I won’t be held responsible if some paranormal elements slip in. It always happens.
What are your future writing plans?
My plan is to complete the Halloween series and then to re-write another supernatural novel I have sitting on PC.


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