Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The iPhone and the Clock - a poem by Darrell Barnes

A Clokke there was, a handsome piece withal
which struck ye houres and eke ye quarter chimes.
It stood against ye staircase in ye hal.

Its Trendye Owner, moving with ye times,
bought every new applyance when in stocke.
An iPhone 5 (encrypted using primes)

lay on a table near this ancient Clokke
much like, I trow, a pygmy next a giante.
The one kept stille, the other went ticke-tocke

and warned “takke care!  I fear you’re too reliant
on artificialle batteryes.”  “What crappe!
Can’t you rede?  They’re FCC compliante!

All you can do is ticke: no single app
to humour or amuse.  Effe of!  Goode nighte!”
At that its power failed (a thunder clappe).

“If I ran downe,” the Clokke said, “I’d looke brighte,
for twysse a daye I’d be exactly righte.”

Winner of Flash 500 Humour Verse Second Quarter 2014.

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