Monday, 9 December 2013

Who Are You? (The Dr Who Quiz)

It’s been a hundred and fifty years since Doctor Who started on the BBC and so we thought we’d capitalise on this by having a fun quiz designed to see which Doctor you are most like. Have fun!

Question 1 of 1

Look in the mirror. Examine yourself closely. Do you see –

a) An old grumpy man in a long white wig that looks like it has been bought out of the bargain bin in the joke shop? And are you in black and white?

b) A man in a fur coat with a terrible Beatles wig? Are you still in black and white?

c) Worzel Gummidge?

d) Someone who goes around offering sweets to strangers?

e) A TV vet?

f) Someone who is going to be a lot heavier when they are older?

g) That bloke out of top 1970’s kids art show Vision On? (Not Morph).

h) Someone out of an episode that no one has ever seen?

i) Someone who’ll never talk about it again?

j) A man wearing a coat that’s too big for him?

k) Someone with a chin that begins below your bottom lip and ends slightly above your navel?


  1. I've watched Dr Who for as long I can remember. Growing up as a child I never his behind the sofa, I always routed for the Doctor. (I was his assistant) I was the one he came to save. Now he has grown, as have I, and I am still an avid watcher and always will be but now he is better than ever.

  2. A. None of the above, being female! Earliest Dr Who memory - the autons coming to life in 'Spearhead from Space'. And I liked all the Doctors, but I LOVED the Brigadier. :-)

  3. My worry is that the next 'Doctor' is going to be storming around the Tardis shouting: "Don't talk to me about effing Daleks!!!"