Sunday, 22 January 2012

22 Britannia Road - Our 1st anniversary podcast!

This is our first anniversary. Yay! The podcast has been going for a whole year. And our anniversary podcast comes from an old friend of the magazine, Amanda Hodgkinson. She reads the opening chapter of her book, 22 Britannia Road.

At the end of the Second World War, Silvana and eight-year-old Aurek board the ship that will take them from Poland to England. After living wild in the forests for years, carrying a terrible secret, all Silvana knows is that she and Aurek are survivors. Everything else is lost. Waiting in Ipswich is Silvana’s husband Janusz, who has not seen his wife and son for six years. He has found his family a house and works hard planting a proper English garden to welcome them. But the six years apart have changed them all. To make a real home, Silvana and Janusz will have to come to terms with what happened during the war, accept that each is different and allow their beloved but wild son Aurek to be who he truly is.

When 22 Britannia Road came out in hardback last year, it was chosen as one of Waterstone's 11 best debut novels of 2011. The paperback edition is coming out on 2nd February, and we are delighted to announce that it has been named as the Orange New Writers Book of the Month for February.

You can listen to the podcast at If you like what you hear, please don't forget to click to let us know!

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