Sunday, 30 October 2011

Raised on the Web, but Liking a Little Ink ...

Thanks to for posting this, which I felt rather fitted what we've done here at WWJ Towers. An article published in Sunday's New York Times about the revival of small run printed zines. I've pinched their scan of the newsprint too. Please do give them a look if you have time. [JD - Editor]


  1. Very true. I've been wondering how come dispite the slashes to budgets for creative enterprises and culture, how small print magazines have managed to spring up, its quite amusing to see that in the face of cut backs, people will strive yet further. Love it. Thanks.

  2. Good point, Henna. I think it's because individuals have become more innovative, and are willing to give their time to something they believe in. That's been the case with Words with JAM. People are more open to networking and giving in the current digital age than they have ever been before, and with the lowest and more effective print methods for small run print available only recently, it's all much more viable. JD.