Friday, 4 March 2011

World Book Night podcast

We at Words with Jam wanted to get involved with all the fun of the BBC’s World Book Night. The April edition of the magazine will include articles from a book ‘giver’, from an author attending an event at her local bookshop, and from our reporter at the World Book Night party in Trafalgar Square. But for now, here is our World Book Night podcast – a selection of our readers and contributors championing their choice of books from the World Book Night List.

The podcast can now also be accessed via iTunes. Just go to or search for ‘Words with Jam podcast’. And if you feel like giving us a review or a star rating while you're there, that's even better! (iTunes updates once a day, so the latest episodes may not show immediately.)

If you have not been selected as one of the BBC’s World Book Night ‘givers’ why not join in Nicola Morgan’s alternative World Book Night. This weekend, buy a book from your local bookshop. Write inside it: "Given in the spirit of World Book Night, March 5th 2011 and bought from [insert name of shop] - please enjoy and tell people about it." And give it to someone. Anyone. A friend or stranger, a library or school or doctor's surgery or anything.

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