Saturday, 19 June 2010

Competition Corner

A wee reminder about next issue's competition corner.
For this one we want you to send in the funniest, cleverest or simply bitterest fictional dedications you can come up with. You know, those bits at the front of a book where the author thanks his therapist/agent/family/accountant/ghost writer.
Think of it as practice for your Man Booker Prize acceptance speech.
The usual rules about length etc apply, though I can't imagine any of these will be particularly long so that's not a worry. 
Remember to put your entries in the body of the email and not as an attachment, otherwise they’ll be fed to the dog (he loves spam) without being opened.
Send your entries to and try to get them in by the 5th of July.


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bits, Bobs and Baubles 2010

As seen in the latest issue of Words With JAM, we are now open for submissions to Bits, Bobs and Baubles 2010, a Christmas book unlike any other. Different how, I hear you ask. Well, it won't be available in the shops and there's absolutely no chance of it making you either rich or famous. Sounds good, eh?

Just follow the link below and click on the Christmas Book 2010 button for all the juicy details.

It's (not) Christmas!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June Issue OUT NOW!

The fourth issue of Words with JAM proves exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, as you will already know, we have announced the Words with JAM First Annual Short Story Competition. Submissions are already coming in, and there’s three months until the closing date. Full details are later in the magazine. In addition, the Christmas Book I compiled last year is now also open for submissions.

We also have an article on the man behind Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll, an overview of The London Book Fair, an insightful piece on Becoming a Freelance Chameleon, an in depth look at eBooks, a photo of what could be the smallest library in Britain (maybe even the world!), Dan Holloway is back with Re-writing Poetry, Derek Duggan entertains with Secreting the Secret, Jill Marsh presents 60 Seconds with Sarah Waters and Andrew Crofts, Lorraine Mace interviews editors Hazel Cushion and Jane Friedman, as well as a special feature from Lesley Cookman, plus loads more.

If you don't already have a copy, subscribe now on our website and we'll send you a link.