Sunday, 15 November 2009

What Not to Tweet

An article by Dan Holloway

Becoming a self-publishing pariah, virtual or otherwise, is very simple if you remember the prime directive, and let everything you do flow from it. Self-publishing is about writing a book and selling as many copies of it as you can. The poor deluded fools who tell you it’s about engaging with your readers, about a long-term strategy, about building a base of loyal fans over several years, and selling progressively more copies of each of several books, are just that. Poor deluded fools. It’s about this book. The one on your hard drive. The “book you had in you”. And flogging it. To as many people as you can persuade to part with their cash. After all, tomorrow takes care of itself. Right?

Social Media and the self-publisher

We’re in the heart of a technological revolution. We have more gadgets and widgets at our disposal for Flogging Our Book (fobing) than ever before. The key to becoming a virtual pariah is to use them all. As much as possible. After all, you want to fob as many people as possible, so you’d better use as many tools as possible, and spend as much time as possible doing so, because that way you will have the widest audience possible and the most people possible will buy your book ...

Full article in the first issue of Words with JAM!

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